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About Us

At the Beauty Sampler, we absolutely love makeup! A few years ago we decided we were tired of overpaying for makeup products. Additionally, we really didn't like making online purchases only to receive poor quality products that contained fake products or weren't packaged properly. We decided the only real solution to our problem, and the problem of many others like us, was to actually become those who created the platform for the distribution of authentic cosmetic pigments samples and eyeshadow samples. Our commitment is to provide customers with, a safe, efficient shopping experience, authentic, professional products, and service to match. And the rest is history! For more than five years we have been supplying quality products and sharing our knowledge with customers from all over the world.

We care about building relationships and we have customers that continue to submit orders through us because they know that we provide quality products and fast, efficient service. If you have been disappointed with the quality of products you purchased from other retailers we recommend that you take a little time to learn about us.

We take pride in being one part of a large community in the beauty industry. We love to network and share our knowledge and experience with our customers and friends. In addition to our MAC pigment samples and other makeup brand samples, we provide other services that can help educate and protect you. Our YouTube page provides links to a number of video tutorials. You can learn how to identify quality products or how to use our products from customers just like you. You can also visit our feedback forum and join the makeup conversation with customers from all over the world.

Contact information

Email: Thebeautysampler@gmail.com